E-Stim Therapy

The "Purple Pad" and the Electromagnetic Foot Machine


  Using the same technology as E-Stim (electrical stimulation), or TENS therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Our Purple Pad and Foot Machine are a safe, extremely effective therapies for pain management, swelling, arthritis, and muscle knots, as well as injury treatment and the breakdown of stubborn fats.

Purple Pad

     When clients come in with painful back-spasms, or complaints that they have "thrown out" their backs, we introduce them to their new best friend- the Purple Pad.

     The broad design of the Purple Pad lends it to an exceptional knot-relaxing massage. While the Pad does not move during the session, gentle pulses cause the muscles to fall back into their natural, relaxed position.

     When used on the belly, the Purple Pad also aids in digestion, and the toning of core muscles.

     The Purple Pad is available with the NUGA NM5000 Massage Bed. For a more portable form of EMP therapy, the Electromagnetic Foot Machine is ideal.


Foot Massager

     People with nerve disorders like Neuropathy and Restless Leg Syndrome have found relief from numb and tingly sensations with the Electromagnetic Foot massager, and some have reported the return of feeling to their legs and feet. The Electromagnetic Foot massager also has far-infared heat, that boosts oxygenated blood circulation in the legs, a benefit already present in electromagnetic therapy.

    Each Electromagnetic Foot Massager comes with patches that can focus the electromagnetic stimulation where you need it most. Knotted backs and shoulders feel like new after a session with applied patches. The attachments are also great for soothing injured joints and muscles.

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